About me


Hello, I'm Joanna and I love food.

If I’m not cooking or eating food, then I’ll usually be found reading or writing about it. I’m guilty of photographing my food too, much to the amusement - and, sometimes, the annoyance - of my patient boyfriend, friends and family. 

At home, I enjoy the process of cooking (almost) as much as the final result. I am often at my most creative when cooking. Using little more than time and heat, I can transform raw ingredients into something beautiful and delicious. Cooking can be incredibly cathartic, with the familiar rhythms of weighing, chopping and stirring giving my mind space to process the day’s events. And cooking is my form of caring: I show love for others by making, and sharing, their favourite foods. 

Eating is also my way of exploring the world. My interest in food began at home with parents who cook seasonally and from scratch, but became an obsession in South East Asia. Here, I found new flavours, textures and techniques. Fragrant noodle soups and stir-fries, crispy pancakes from a market stall, silken tofu with ginger sauce, mango sticky rice, bahn mi, satay, tempeh, pandan… It was, literally, the melting pot of local traditions with influences from Europe, India and China.

I continue to travel through my tastebuds, whether I am on holiday, eating out in Bristol or at home working my way through a growing pile of sauce-splattered cookbooks. 

After the cooking and the eating (and the clearing up) is done, there is the pleasure of writing. Of course, food writing is never only about food. Food is tied to family, tradition, memory, politics, science, culture, history, health. There is nothing like the extraordinary power of food - and food writing - to transfix you in a particular moment of pleasure, whilst simultaneously transporting you to a different place and time.

These pages are dedicated to the recipes, restaurants and travel destinations that I adore. I hope they will inspire you to savour the moments that you spend cooking and eating. After all, food can be so much more than just something to eat.